4 Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings to Watch Out For

There’s plenty of DIY material out there for warehouse managers to look to for guidance on electrical issues. However, by the end of the day, nothing replaces a having a team of trained experts to rely on for thorough inspections and repairs. Courtesy of Ocean Coast Electric, your source for expert warehouse electricians in Somerset County, New Jersey, take a look at our list of common electrical problems that may be plaguing your facility:Continue reading

Let There Be Light at Your Business, Indoors and Outdoors, with Ocean Coast Electric

As the leading provider of commercial electrical installation in Mercer County, New Jersey, and other local areas, we here at Ocean Coast Electric are proud to offer all sorts of electrical installations to all sorts of businesses. From taverns to pharmaceutical centers to manufacturing facilities, business owners who need a commercial electrical installation in Burlington County, New Jersey, or another local county, know who to call.

With lighting upgrades, LED retrofits, and much more, Ocean Coast Electric can make all the rooms inside your building, from offices to hallways, lit with fixtures that are energy-efficient, safe, and well-maintained.

But it’s just as important for your business to have quality outdoor lighting, for the safety of your employees and customers and also for the appearance and noticeability of your business. Ocean Coast Electric provides all kinds of outdoor lighting installations to make sure your business looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside:

Parking Lot Lighting

Whether your parking lot’s lighting needs repairs or a whole new installation, Ocean Coast Electric can help. Poorly lit parking lots can be scary and dangerous, as they are common sites for thefts and assaults. But proper lighting in the parking lot helps keep your employees and customers safe, and also helps keep their vehicles stay secure. It will also make your business more noticeable and attractive to potential customers driving by at night.

Sign Maintenance

A well-maintained sign outside your business can catch the eye of passersby, letting these potential customers know what your business does and that you’re open. But if your sign is blinking when it isn’t supposed to, or has some letters that don’t light up at all, or is in any way damaged, that can give the people who see it a negative impression of your business. Ocean Coast Electric can help your sign help bring people into your place of business, instead of driving them away.

The First Step Toward Better Outdoor Lighting

Are you sure that the outdoor lighting at your business is as good as it should be? If not, the lighting experts at Ocean Coast Electric are the ones to contact. Call them at (732) 338-8732, email them at office@oceancoastelectric.com, or write them a message via an online contact form.

3 Benefits of Transitioning Your Business to LED Lighting

LED lighting systems have grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years. As homeowners start to notice the financial advantages of switching to a more energy-efficient product, the amount of money is even higher for companies and businesses. We here at Ocean Coast Electric, the top commercial electricians in Somerset County, New Jersey, are constantly helping businesses ditch their traditional lighting system and switch to a new LED system.

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3 Reasons Why Businesses Turn to Ocean Coast Electric

When it comes to keeping the lights on at your business, having a dependable electrical contractor is a near-must. Electrical issues can happen at a moment’s notice and can slow down production to a halt. At Ocean Coast Electric, the top commercial electrical contractors in Middlesex County, New Jersey, we’re happy to be the top choice by businesses across many different industries.

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Safety Tips: What You Should Do in the Event of an Electrical Fire

Electricity has been a blessing for the human race since Benjamin Franklin discovered it during a thunderstorm in 1752 using just a kite and a key, but it’s important to remember that electricity can also be a dangerous thing. In fact, an accident can happen at any time.

At Ocean Coast Electric, we take pride in being one of the leading commercial electrical companies in Mercer County, New Jersey, as well as the surrounding areas, and we understand just how important electrical safety is. In this blog, we’re going to highlight what you should do in the event of an electrical fire.

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Now Is the Time to Invest in a Generator for Your Business

As hurricane season continues and winter approaches, you may be thinking about the negative effects that a power outage could have on your business. Don’t let a fallen tree, a natural disaster, or any number of events turn into a disastrous blackout for your company.

Now is a good time to call a commercial electrical contractor in Union County, New Jersey, and get your backup generator installed. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a generator for your business, then consider these benefits.

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