3 Benefits of Transitioning Your Business to LED Lighting

LED lighting systems have grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years. As homeowners start to notice the financial advantages of switching to a more energy-efficient product, the amount of money is even higher for companies and businesses. We here at Ocean Coast Electric, the top commercial electricians in Somerset County, New Jersey, are constantly helping businesses ditch their traditional lighting system and switch to a new LED system.

Some of the advantages of switching to a brand new LED lighting system include:

Longer Lifespan

If your business is still being lit up by incandescent light bulbs, you’re probably getting sick and tired of constantly switching ones that burnt out. One of the biggest improvements between LED light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs is the lifespan of the bulbs. Switching to LED light bulbs can help reduce the number of times you have to break out the ladder and change a section of lights.

Energy Efficient

LED lights use around 50 percent less electricity as traditional light bulbs. The amount of money saved on monthly utility bills can help pay for the cost of switching in no time. All businesses are looking to save money anywhere they can. Give us a call at Ocean Coast Electric to see if you can save money based on your lighting system.

Perfect For Cold Storage

Many bars, restaurants and establishments require cold storage to keep beer and food stored safely. Providing adequate lighting in cold boxes and walk-in freezers is very important and can be very costly if you’re still using incandescent lighting. Traditional light bulbs require much more voltage to light up the room. Switching to LED lighting for colder rooms alone can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Businesses looking to switch to a more advanced lighting system can turn to Ocean Coast Electric today. Our team of commercial electrical contractors in Somerset County, New Jersey can help identify ways for your businesses to save money on utility bills. Give us a call at 732-338-8732 to get started today.

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