3 Signs Your Business Needs an Electrical Inspection

When it comes to your place of business, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers is a must. Although the concept of safety encompasses a great deal, one of the things you should be keeping your eye on is your electrical system.

However, how do you know when it’s time to call an electrician? Although there are many signs that your system could be on the fritz, there’s a few that you should be watching for. Courtesy of Ocean Coast Electric, your go-to industrial electrical contractors for Somerset County, New Jersey, have a look at our list of signs to be mindful of:


1. Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimming of lighting fixtures during regular use is rarely because of a fault in the fixture. More likely, it is being caused by other equipment that’s attached to the same circuit.

Contact an electrician to test both the appliance and the circuit — they might be able to move the lighting to an alternative circuit, while also ensuring that heavier equipment or appliances have the right protection and power supply.


2. Hot Switches or Sockets

Any heat that is coming from your electrical wiring, outlets, or switches should be a cause for concern. Make sure to monitor warmer spots in case the temperature rises. A steadily warm socket is probably fine, but if it becomes hot, you should probably have it checked.

Even a high-powered device, such as a heater, should not have excessive heat radiating from the electrical supply. Likewise, an outlet that becomes warm even without equipment or appliances attached could have a wiring problem. Have it checked before attempting to use it.


3. Strange or Funny Noises

There should never be any sound or noise produced by your electrical circuit — any electrical buzzes or humming noises are not normal and could be caused by faulty wiring, loose connections, or defective appliances.

If you are currently in need of industrial electrical construction services in Burlington County, New Jersey, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with our crew at Ocean Coast Electric today by calling (732) 338-8732.

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