4 Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings to Watch Out For

There’s plenty of DIY material out there for warehouse managers to look to for guidance on electrical issues. However, by the end of the day, nothing replaces a having a team of trained experts to rely on for thorough inspections and repairs. Courtesy of Ocean Coast Electric, your source for expert warehouse electricians in Somerset County, New Jersey, take a look at our list of common electrical problems that may be plaguing your facility:

1. Tripping Breakers

When a building’s circuit is using up too much energy, it might be overloading. Ignoring this issue could start a fire, especially if the building is constantly using electronic devices. The ideal solution is to hire a qualified electrician to determine whether the facility needs to add a circuit or upgrade its electrical service.

2. Dead Outlets

Dead outlets can decrease worker productivity, as most businesses today rely quite heavily on electronic devices. It might be a sign that there is a low-quality circuit connection or the circuit breaker has tripped because of an excessive buildup of heat. Call a trained electrician to inspect the building’s electrical works to help prevent outlet wiring from melting and to prevent fire hazards.

3. Electrical and Grounding System Issues

This problem does not usually show any functional signs and tends to be overlooked. However, it is nonetheless a serious problem that’s typically caused by improper and unbalanced wired feeders and branch circuits. Hire a trained electrician to inspect your building’s electrical works to address this issue.

4. Loose Connections

Loose connections, which can occasionally happen after repairs and renovations in a building, can lead to overheating and arcing, which, in turn, can lead to injuries or eventually even a fire. A licensed electrician can help create safe, tight electrical connections that will not get damaged, bent, or twisted.

Are you looking for a team of qualified, seasoned electricians to get your facility’s electrical situation on the right track? If so, don’t wait to get in touch with our expert warehouse electricians in Middlesex County, New Jersey today by giving Ocean Coast Electric a call at (732) 338-8732.


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