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Can LED Lighting Increase Employee Productivity?

When designing your office space, lighting is a critical component that may not get the same attention to detail as other aspects. LED lighting has shown to reduce energy bills, provide a longer-lasting bulb, and change how light interacts with your space. However, one unintended way that installing LED lights positively impacts an office space is in the realm of overall productivity.

Now, you may be asking yourself — how could LED lighting or any lighting fixture affect productivity on such a large scale? Well, let’s find out!

LED Warms Up the Room

LED lights produce a naturally warmer light as opposed to standard cool white bulbs. LED lights generate between 2700K-3000K degrees Kelvin while cool white bulbs operate between 5000k-6000k. The LED bulbs can somewhat mimic natural light’s warmth and provide that needed boost people receive from those sources.

Offices of old would focus on illuminating a room, but not necessarily on the psychological impact light could have on employees. Offices with limited natural lighting would utilize lights that may have been too dim for their employees while providing the room with light. In dim-lit environments, people can experience eye strain, feelings of lethargy, and increased dissatisfaction.

By installing LED lighting, you improve the warmness of your space. Brightly lit areas allow your employees not to feel as stifled and won’t have to strain as much to see their screens or turn the brightness up to counteract the lighting situation.

Color Choice Matters More Than You Think

LED lights have an assortment of colors that you can choose for your office. While you may think that picking a seemingly safe and standard option is the best route to go, it may prove detrimental in the long run. The relationship between your LED lights and your office’s color scheme plays a central role in determining how your office looks. Picking colors that accentuate the chosen office color scheme or vice versa can help create that welcoming and productive atmosphere instead of proving too much of a distraction one way or another.

How Can I Make the Change to LED Lighting?

If you manage or own an office in New Jersey and want to make the jump to LED lighting but do not know where to start, Ocean Coast Electric can help! Our talented staff of commercial lighting replacement technicians can help you make your office a brighter and more productive space. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!

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