hanging LED bulbs against blue background

Can LED Lighting Increase Employee Productivity?

When designing your office space, lighting is a critical component that may not get the same attention to detail as other aspects. LED lighting has shown to reduce energy bills, provide a longer-lasting bulb, and change how light interacts with your space. However, one unintended way that installing LED lights positively impacts an office space is in the realm of overall productivity.

Now, you may be asking yourself — how could LED lighting or any lighting fixture affect productivity on such a large scale? Well, let’s find out!

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two fingers with static electrcity between them

How Static Electricity Can Affect Your Business

Nearly everyone remembers the static demonstration from their youth: taking a balloon, rubbing it against your sweater, and lifting it above your head to make your hair stand up. Static electricity, in this case, occurs when two objects rub against each other. As one object loses its electrons (becoming more positively charged), the other collects electrons (becoming more negatively charged). 

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How Can New Lighting Help My Restaurant?

If you own a restaurant in Burlington or Mercer County, you know how difficult it can be to keep up. The restaurant industry is rife with stiff competition — everyone is trying to set themselves apart and look for ways to improve customer experience. Of course, owning a restaurant is also a constant struggle with budgetary restrictions, and sharp diligence is required to stay within budget, avoid waste, and maintain steady profits. If you are looking for a way to make a lasting positive impact on business, upgraded lighting could be your answer.
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What All Warehouse Owners Should Know About Different Types of Industrial LED Lighting

If you own a business or warehouse, you probably already know that facilities like these use a lot of energy. Managing energy use is a major consideration for businesses worldwide, and responsible use can reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money. Lighting costs are a major part of any warehouse’s energy use, and if your facility has an older lighting system, you’re likely using more energy than necessary. Newer LED lighting upgrades are more efficient and have a longer average lifespan than older types of lighting like fluorescent.
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How Do I Select the Best Warehouse Lighting?

Working in a warehouse can be risky, but it’s a business owner’s job to ensure the employees have everything they need to work safely. One of the most crucial things to consider when making a warehouse safer is the type of lighting in place, as it may become inadequate over time. If employees aren’t able to see their surroundings, accidents are bound to happen. When the time comes to replace your warehouse’s existing lighting system, here are a few things to keep in mind.
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Will LED Parking Lot Lighting Help My Business?

Most businesses that welcome clients or customers into their facility will provide a parking lot for their convenience. If patronage takes place in the early morning hours or after the sun sets, the need for reliable parking lot lighting becomes clear as day. In most cases, lighting can also be considered a safety measure to deter criminal activity.
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How Should I Light My Office?

As a leading provider of commercial lighting replacement services near Somerset County, New Jersey, Ocean Coast Electric believes that lighting is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to designing your office space. A poorly lit office displays a sense of luminary latency and often leads to an uncomfortable (or even unsafe) workplace. In fact, office owners will often implement different lighting techniques for their offices based on the nature of work, budget, and other considerations.

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How Do I Practice Electrical Safety In The Warehouse?

As trusted warehouse electricians serving Middlesex County, New Jersey, Ocean Coast Electric understands the importance of electrical safety in the workplace. Whether it’s an office building, a chemical plant, or a grocery store, ensuring everyone’s safety is always a top priority. While there are common culprits and standard protocols that apply to all sorts of facilities, a particular setting has its own unique set of electrical hazards and safety concerns: the warehouse. Check out this infographic for a brief checklist of crucial practices, then continue reading for a more in-depth look into how Ocean Coast Electric can keep you, your co-workers, and your workplace safe.
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