Differences Between Industrial Electricians and Commercial Electricians

While “industrial electrician” and “commercial electrician” may sound like more or less the same thing, there is a multitude of differences between these professions. While both trades utilize foundational electrical knowledge, the distinction lies in the specialized training and specific on-site applications. As a dependable commercial and industrial electrical service in Burlington County, New Jersey, Ocean Coast Electric is well-versed in how the duties and skill sets differ from one another. Check out this infographic for a glance at the different areas each profession works in, keep reading for a deeper dive into what goes into each position.

What Is a Commercial Electrician?

This type of work is more typical of the two professions, as the settings are readily accessible to the public. The essential tasks involve installing, designing and maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings. They handle the instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, and refrigeration units. In a sense, a commercial electrician has the duties of a residential electrician (a professional who would come to your home), but on a much larger scale. While not every issue in either field directly translates to the other, some common ground lies in the focus of the work, ensuring wiring and other electrical components are running safely and efficiently. Commercial Electricians receive their training through an associate’s degree or apprenticeship degree program.

What Is an Industrial Electrician?

As the name suggests, they work on all things electric in an industrial setting. Their work may involve troubleshooting, repair, or installation of various electrical components like motors, generators, and hydraulic and pneumatic electrical control systems, they often interpret blueprints and stay current on electrical code specifications for the area. Since they are often dealing with high voltage and handling crucial (and expensive) equipment, the daily tasks for an industrial electrician require specialized training and specific education. Industrial Electricians receive their training through trade schools or apprenticeships.

Where Commercial Meets Industrial

If you are looking for premier commercial, industrial electrical or construction services in Burlington County, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, look no further than Ocean Coast Electric. Our skilled electricians, project managers, and estimators will provide you with innovative cost-effective solutions regardless of the project size. Contact us for your commercial lighting replacement or electrical service needs today.

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