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How Can LED Lighting Modernize Your Commercial Space?

Commercial property owners are often creatures of habit, as they may have specific ways they want their businesses, office buildings, and warehouses to run across the board. However, as times change and new technologies are introduced, there exist some areas in which commercial properties can benefit in the long run — including lighting.

Advancements in lighting mean that there are LED lightbulbs out there that last longer, are brighter than their predecessors, and can transform the way your business looks with a quick retrofitting of your facilities. Here are some reasons why a LED retrofitting might be right for your commercial property:

Long-Lasting Illumination

Unlike their incandescent predecessors, LED light bulbs do not “burn out” like the light bulbs you may be accustomed to using. Instead, LED lights undergo “lumen depreciation.” This process entails the LED light progressively dimming over time. The life cycle of a LED light is based on when the light’s output decreases by 30%.

Low-Temperature Lighting

Incandescent light bulbs have a history of getting too hot to touch. In extreme circumstances, if a flammable material was laid on it for too long, it could catch fire. However, LED light bulbs present no such danger. LED lights have built-in heat sinks that help dissipate the generated heat into the surrounding environment. These heat sinks help prevent LEDs from overheating and burning out. This increased thermal management level helps LEDs have a longer shelf life, which in turn boosts your energy efficiency and lowers the light bulb replacement bill.

Directional Radiance

LED lights give you the ability to place them anywhere in your space and fill the room with illuminating light. Incandescent light bulbs tended to throw the light they generated in multiple different directions. LED lights, on the other hand, are more directional. They allow you to light specific areas of your space with a bath of lighting, and still maintain a clean look when it comes to the aesthetics of the space.

Are you looking to get your commercial space retrofitted with LED lighting? The team of specialized warehouse electricians at Ocean Coast Electric can help your space get the brand new, energy-efficient lighting that it deserves! For more information, contact us today.

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