How Should I Light My Office?

As a leading provider of commercial lighting replacement services near Somerset County, New Jersey, Ocean Coast Electric believes that lighting is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to designing your office space. A poorly lit office displays a sense of luminary latency and often leads to an uncomfortable (or even unsafe) workplace. In fact, office owners will often implement different lighting techniques for their offices based on the nature of work, budget, and other considerations.

While designs differ from office to office, there are a few key things office owners should consider when choosing the appropriate lighting for their place of work. Today, we’ll take a look at some tried and true arrangements as well as modern lighting techniques that can help give your new space or to-be-renovated office a sense of character that marries utility and aesthetic in a radiant way.

Infographic showing what to consider for lighting an office


Bulbs vary significantly in intensity and color, and the bulb you decide to have our professionals install is the backbone of your lighting system. While achieving balance is essential, we suggest consulting one of our experts to help you select lighting solutions that promote productivity without being overbearing. If you’re in a relatively small office, then small-sized bulbs would suit it best (and vice versa). If you’re looking to optimize energy use and cut down on costs during the process, then you should consider getting LED bulbs.

Task Lighting

It’s crucial to pair overhead lighting with auxiliary task lighting options. Think of task lighting as lighting that helps you better accomplish a specific activity in a specified area, like a lamp or shelf light. Proper task lighting gives the user control to accommodate their changing posture throughout the day, allows them to introduce ambient lighting, and reduces eye strain.

Natural Light

While we can recommend cost-efficient lighting solutions for your office, it’s crucial to leave some room for the most affordable source on the market today — natural light! Supplementing your overhead and task lighting with natural light helps your body produce vitamin D, keeps plants alive, and can improve the overall mood of employees and clients. If your office space does not have access to any, our experts can help you pick out bulbs that mimic natural sunlight.


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