Lighting Maintenance Tips for Your Warehouse

In warehouses, workers are operating heavy machinery and carrying and moving objects throughout the facility. To reduce the risk of injury and help your workers remain productive, you need to ensure your warehouse has proper lighting. To do this, regular maintenance should be performed on the lighting system. Here are some tips for keeping the lighting in your warehouse bright and effective.

How to Maintain Warehouse Lighting

Throughout the year, you can do things to ensure the lighting system in your warehouse is well-maintained and functioning properly. As a warehouse manager, the last thing you would want is to have workers injure themselves or others because they couldn’t see well.

Follow this maintenance checklist for keeping warehouse lighting in pristine condition:

Check the Light Bulbs

Light bulbs burn out at different times, and it’s easy to put off replacing them because we think just one light couldn’t affect things that much. However, more and more bulbs go out over time, and eventually, you’re left with a poorly lit warehouse. To avoid this situation, mark dates on your calendar to go around the whole warehouse, checking and replacing burnt-out or loose bulbs.

Ensure Compatibility

When you are replacing bulbs, make sure you take into account bulb and fixture compatibility. For example, fluorescent bulbs often require electric ballasts, and you cannot add an energy-efficient LED bulb to a fixture until the fixture has been retrofitted for compatibility. It’s also a good idea to inspect the bulbs already in place to ensure the person before you installed the correct bulb for the fixture’s pins, connectors, and base.

Inspect Lighting Cables

After replacing light bulbs, make sure you check the cables running throughout the lighting system. You will want to look for damage on the wires and ensure they are protected from the elements. This is especially important for exterior lighting and lights on the loading dock.

Test Performance Aspects

While inspecting the cables, test the performance of all ballasts, transformers, and drivers. If any of these lighting aspects are not functioning correctly, go ahead and schedule a replacement with a professional commercial electrician. You do not want to put off repairs and sacrifice the safety and well-being of your warehouse staff.

Clean Fixtures

Warehouse fixtures gather dust and dirt, leading to issues and light failure. Make sure you annually or semi-annually clean these fixtures to avoid problems. Use a cloth to clean the exterior and interior housing.

Repair or Replace Broken Parts

Finally, during your light inspection, make a note of any broken parts. Did you find a broken lens or damaged housing? Order these replacement parts immediately. Alternatively, you can hire an electrical contractor to make these repairs for you.

What to Expect from Professional Lighting Maintenance

While you can easily handle bulb replacements and fixture cleanings yourself, other aspects of lighting maintenance, such as repairs, are better left to the professionals.

When you hire a commercial electrician, you can expect them to walk through your warehouse. During this time, they will make a note of the types of lighting you have and any problem areas they see. They will be able to make minor repairs on the spot and recommend lighting options that can reduce your energy consumption and costs. You can schedule lighting upgrades for more efficient lighting during this maintenance appointment.

Create Good Working Conditions with Lighting Maintenance

Your workers’ productivity heavily relies on proper lighting throughout your warehouse. That’s why you should prioritize lighting maintenance. Guaranteeing adequate lighting is just one way to create good working conditions and ensure electrical safety in the warehouse.

Schedule your lighting maintenance or warehouse lighting repair appointment today and keep your warehouse well-lit!

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