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The Importance of Commercial Sign Maintenance

What do potential customers think when they see your business signage? If your sign is damaged or dirty, you may be sending a message that says you’re not likely to provide the quality of goods and services that your customers expect. Maintaining your business sign, on the other hand, delivers a positive message. Take a look at three ways to provide the business sign maintenance that your signage — and your customers — deserve.

Keep Your Business Sign Clean

Over time, electrical signage can become dirty. Insects and debris can enter the signs through the water drainage holes, dimming the sign and causing it to look tired and dull. A sign that doesn’t look bright and fresh is unlikely to attract the attention of people driving by.

You can keep your commercial signage clean by scheduling inspections and maintenance. At Ocean Coast Electric, we’ll open up your sign’s body and provide proper cleaning and maintenance inside as well as outside. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance can also save you sign downtime and potential expenses in the future.

Watch Out for Deterioration Caused By Weather

Your outdoor signage is exposed to rain, snow, hail, humidity, extreme temperatures, and the powerful rays of the sun — and it’s out there exposed to the elements 24/7/. It’s not surprising that all that exposure can cause deterioration over time, including peeling, fading, and a general air of dinginess.

Preventive maintenance goes a long way to fight back against weather-caused deterioration, and there are other steps you can take as well. Consider UV lamination to prevent signs from sun damage or shades to add a level of protection against all forms of precipitation.

Change Any Burnt-Out Lights

Burnt-out lights are noticeable to anyone passing by your business — and they reflect poorly on your brand. The lights powering your sign spend a lot of time on, maybe even 24 hours a day, so they’re likely to burn out at some point. Replacing bulbs and batteries as soon as you notice a problem is essential. Consider switching to LED lighting so your bright, welcoming sign can enjoy a longer lifespan.

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At Ocean Coast Electric, we specialize in delivering eye-catching signage and keeping it well-maintained. Contact us today to see how our signage technicians can help you and your commercial property.

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