What All Warehouse Owners Should Know About Different Types of Industrial LED Lighting

If you own a business or warehouse, you probably already know that facilities like these use a lot of energy. Managing energy use is a major consideration for businesses worldwide, and responsible use can reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money. Lighting costs are a major part of any warehouse’s energy use, and if your facility has an older lighting system, you’re likely using more energy than necessary. Newer LED lighting upgrades are more efficient and have a longer average lifespan than older types of lighting like fluorescent.

Converting your business or warehouse to LED lighting can provide better light immediately, and save you and your company money on energy and maintenance costs in the long term. Modern technology and better installation methods mean that now is a better time than ever to convert your facility to LED lighting. Once you decide to make the switch, there are several helpful things to know about different types of lighting systems. Knowing the pros and cons of each can help select the system for the needs of your facility.

High Bay

This is a very common choice for lighting systems in warehouses, where the ceilings are often 25 feet or higher. High bay fixtures are also versatile, they can be used with a wide range of reflectors and can effectively light vertical or horizontal working planes.

Low Bay

As their name implies, low bay fixtures are a better option for warehouses where the ceiling height, and consequently the mounting height, are lower. High bay lights would not offer appropriate distribution in these settings, and that is why low bay lights are used.

Linear Strip

Linear strip lights have a sleeker design that makes them ideal for retail stores where harsher industrial lighting may not be appropriate. Linear strip light fixtures typically take up less space and use less energy than comparable high or low bay systems.

LED lighting is more effective and more efficient than its predecessors and having it in your warehouse can help your business run optimally. Advanced technologies and new installation methods mean that now is a better time than ever to save time and money with new LED lighting replacement services. Anyone who is interested in learning more about affordable LED lighting for their business should reach out to the Mercer County industrial lighting experts at Ocean Coast Electric today!

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