What To Do in the Event of an Electrical Fire

As a business manager or owner, it is vital to be familiar with the correct procedures in the event of an electrical fire. Courtesy of Ocean Coast Electric, your prime source for industrial electrical service for Burlington County, New Jersey, we offer tips and advice for how to recognize the warning signs of an electrical fire, as well as what to do in the event one occurs.

Before an Electrical Fire Happens

To help your business avoid electrical fires from the very start, it’s critical to be on the alert for any red flags that may indicate one to begin with. Among the more common warning signs to keep an eye out for are:

  • Shocks or tingling sensations as you touch an electrical appliance.
  • Lights flickering off and on.
  • Circuit breakers that consistently keep tripping.
  • You smell a smokey or burning smell coming from wiring, plugs, or appliances.
  • Electrical wall outlets that are discolored.

If you see any of these telltale signals, be sure that you unplug your appliance immediately and cut off the power to the electrical panel. Afterward, get in touch with our professionals to inspect the situation and address the underlying issues.

After an Electrical Fire Happens

If, for some reason, an electrical fire ever does occur, the first thing you must do is contact the local fire department. In the meantime before the fire department arrives, you can stay safe and attempt to safely extinguish the fire on your own by trying some of these methods:

  • Whether the electrical fire is large or quite small, always remember never to spray water on an electrical fire. Water conducts electricity, and you may risk getting electrocuted.
  • If you have a small electrical fire to deal with, you can try extinguishing it with standard baking soda if you happen to have it available. Depending on the fire’s size, the baking soda on its own should do the job.
  • If the electrical fire is on the larger side, you will want to reach for a Class C fire extinguisher. A Class C fire extinguisher is used for dousing fires that originate around circuit breakers, wiring, outlets, and appliances. If some reason a Class C fire extinguisher is not available, you will want to wait for your local fire department to arrive.

For more information about staying safe from electrical fires, or to learn about commercial electrical installation in Burlington County, New Jersey, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ocean Coast Electric today by calling (732) 338-8732.

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