Will LED Parking Lot Lighting Help My Business?

Most businesses that welcome clients or customers into their facility will provide a parking lot for their convenience. If patronage takes place in the early morning hours or after the sun sets, the need for reliable parking lot lighting becomes clear as day. In most cases, lighting can also be considered a safety measure to deter criminal activity.

Regardless of the particular needs, advancements in lighting technology in recent decades make upgrading their parking lot lighting a wise decision for businesses. In particular, commercial lighting installations that involve LED parking lot lighting is a wise investment. Let’s dive into some of its advantages:

Improved Quality

Depending on the business owner’s research and diligence, standard lot lights vary significantly in terms of quality. We’ve all been in a parking lot that was lacking in some regard; some lights flicker, others have been out for who knows how long, or maybe they’ve spread out too far from one another. When you enlist the help of a commercial electrician near Somerset County, New Jersey to upgrade your parking lot lighting with LEDs, the added value will shine brightly! This technology ensures excellent visibility and safety by creating a well-lit facility.

Energy Savings

Reduction in utility bills can be a welcome relief to establishments paying such a high monthly fee to literally keep the lights on. Since fewer watts are needed, LEDs are estimated to offer up a reduction of 40%-60% of those parking lot lighting expenses.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

As mentioned above, one of the most frustrating aspects of traditional lighting has been the need for frequent maintenance due to burned out or faulty lights. This problem often means replacing all of the lights simultaneously in efforts to avoid the costs of calling on a commercial electrician each time one light burns out — which isn’t exactly cost-effective

In Light of This News…

Our industrial electrical contractors near Somerset County, New Jersey, are trained in all aspects of any commercial lighting installation — including parking lot lighting! After all, your business doesn’t start when your customer walks through the door; it starts the second they roll onto your property. For more information about all of our commercial electrical and lighting services, contact Ocean Coast Electric today!

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